I NEED TO SEE YOU - Vancouver (2014)

I've partnered with Mark Brand to produce the follow up to my 2013 book, "I NEED TO SEE YOU" which will focus exclusively on Vancouver.

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Life is empty without the people in it..

Since 2006 I've been taking portraits of friends, strangers, musicians, painters, shooters, dancers, rebels, actors, farmers, beekeepers - and anyone else that caught my attention. There was a story in every face, and the friendships made with a camera have become more valuable to me than the pictures themselves.

In 2013 I ran a crowd-funding campaign to make a book of portraits. I also went on a road trip to, New York, Toronto, and Windsor/Detroit for the last leg of portraits before putting it together.

This was the pitch video.

Follow up video from the road trip

The project got funded.


For the book launch I teamed up with Andrew Young for the one year anniversary of SNAG a weekly live painting raffle.

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